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The Rude Cats Photo Gallery

Here are some of our favorite pictures!

Tia Maria's Playkitty pose. Tia Maria
A tentative Ghost peeks out from her hiding place to check things out. She had only been living with us for about eight days when this picture was taken. Ghost
These kittens get so dirty!!
(Tia gives a six-month-old Billie Jo a complete cleaning.)
Tia and Billie Jo
Ashley Ann Ashley Ann demonstrates the art of sleeping comfortably.
Billie Jo Anyone can sleep in a box, it takes talent to sleep ON a box!
Tia Maria Tia's box.
Dinner time at the Ranch. Dinner Time
Ashley and Billie Jo at eight weeks, proving that it's not necessarily bad etiquette to lay in your food dish when you eat. Ashley and Billie Jo
Maggie resting in a rare quiet moment. Maggie
Ghost Ghost at seven months, setting up an ambush on another unsuspecting cat (or foot).
Christmas Village Wiped Out!
Ghost Later that day...
Me? What Christmas Village?
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