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Rude Ranch Animal Rescue Needs You!

Rude Ranch Animal Rescue is in search of volunteers who have a love for cats and kittens and would enjoy helping us care for our residents until they find new homes.

We have many volunteer opportunities to meet a variety of schedules and time commitments. Our primary opportunities are:

bullet Animal Visitors
Stop by and play with our residents. They enjoy interaction and crave attention.
bullet Feral Cat Socializers
A very rewarding experience. Help teach our "wild" cats that they no longer need to fear people.
bullet Animal Caretakers
We once heard a rumor that cats are the self-cleaning animals. Unfortunately our residents prefer to be waited on by their two-legged servants. If you can dedicate at least two hours of your time a week, you may be interested in one of these opportunities.
bullet Adoption Counselors
Help us greet potential adopters and help screen them to make sure the match between adopter and adoptee is a good one.
bullet Construction
We have many projects in the works that require more carpentry skills than we have in-house. We could especially use someone with skills in designing and planning our new habitats for special needs cats.
Contact us at 410-798-9559 or use the form below if you are interested in one or more of these volunteer activities.
City: State: Zip:
Phone Number:
When are you available?
What are you interested in?
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Animal Visitor
Feral Cat Socialization
Animal Caretaker
Adoption Counselor
Fund Raising

Thanks for your support!