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Smokey's Hangout


Smokey's Hangout is a place for abused and feral cats that come to Rude Ranch. Most of these cats have come from city parks where they have been chased by kids and dogs, shot with BB guns, and in some cases were going to be used in ritual sacrifices. Because of this abuse, many of these cats will probably never be comfortable enough with humans to be "adoptable". However once they come here, they can live out thier lives with as little or as much human interaction as they desire. As long term residents of the shelter, most of these cats are eligible for Rude Ranch's sponsorship program. The room was designed with the cats needs in mind, with ramps and perches up high, so the cats can feel safe while watching everyone. There are cubbies for sleeping and privacy. A dog kennel type cage is used to introduce new cats to the "old timers" in the room.

Cat trees designed and built by Polkat Productions.

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