Goldie's Page

Meet Sir Goldwin Goldenpaw --- Goldie for short. Like most of our other cats, Goldie started his life as one of Mama's kittens in the feral colony that Bob and Kathy take care of. This is the same colony that Ghost and Maggie were rescued from. Goldie was one of the "featured cats" in Bob and Kathy's "Adventures with Ferals".

As mentioned at the end of the "adventure", Goldie and his littermates were put up for adoption at the Save A Life animal shelter. When Bob and Kathy took the kittens to the shelter, they silently promised them that if they didn't find homes by the following spring, Bob and Kathy would bring them back and the would live out their lives at the Rude Ranch. We're not sure if the kittens took that promise as a threat or not, but within a month all the other kittens (Grey, Hissor, Hissetta and Brownie) found loving homes. Goldie, the kitten everyone thought would be the first to be adopted, was the only remaining kitten. At first everyone felt sorry for Goldie, but then we started to notice something: whenever a perspective adopter would come by the shelter to look at Goldie, he would run and hide. Sometimes he even would hiss at the people. It was almost as if he was doing everything he could to make himself appear unadoptable. It was like he knew his "one true home" was with Bob and Kathy and he was just waiting for them to realize this and come and get him.

Eventually, the spring of the following year rolled around and Bob and Kathy brought Goldie back to their house. Much to Goldie's surprise, things had changed quite a bit in addition to a new house, Boomer the dog was now living there. Additionally, Goldie, now a little over a year old, didn't look anything like the skinny 4 month old kitten that was taken to the shelter.

Once back at the ranch, Goldie seemed to remember his kitty "sisters" and immediately touched noses with Ghost and Maggie. He made friends with Cali, quickly becoming one of her favorite targets for "WWF Ambush Wrestling". He has also become quite affectionate with Bob and Kathy, and is usually the first cat to jump into bed and snuggle up to them at night. Goldie's also gotten used to the Boomer, quickly learning its better to stay out of the path of an excited MinPin then to stand your ground and get flattened.

Goldie's Story: The Homecoming

I knew it would happen eventually. It had to. After everything I had done to make sure that one day I would go back home to my "one true home" with Bob and Kathy. I tried to explain to them that I wanted to stay when they first took me to the shelter. Why to you think Kathy had to chase me all over the house, multiple times. (Ok, I know she needed the exercise, but really) If I had wanted to go to the shelter, I would have gone in the stupid carrier on my own.

Then all the time I spent at the shelter being "aloof" hiding when people wanted to pet me, not playing with toys. I mean do you know the will power it takes to not pounce on a feather as its being dragged in front of you?

Then one day it finally happened: Bob and Kathy came to their senses and came to the shelter to bring me back home. Yeah! (I even went into the carrier on my own) The only problem was that a lot of things had changed while I was gone someone had rearranged all the rooms in the house, and moved all the furniture. Maggie, my kitten best friend, had grown up. (Man, check out her tail!!!) Plus there were some new cats here. Cali ran up to me and did a full reverse tackle on me. Then when she found out that I was the new baby of the house (Cali is 3 weeks older than me) she got mad and smacked me.

The other big change I discovered was Boomer, the dog. I had seen other dogs at the shelter, but they were never allowed to get close to us cats. Boomer not only got close to me, but you wouldn't believe were he put his nose. He was really hyper. He thinks he has to run everywhere. Did you know that dogs can't stop real well (or turn either) when they are running through a house at full speed?

I finally found Mama, who is my mom. I was happy to see her. I could tell she remembered me, as soon as she saw me, she swatted me and boxed my ears. When I asked her why she did that she said it was because I had a really big head when I was born. She also said that since I was all grown up now, she wasn't sharing any of her mousies. She also said that I had grown into a fine looking cat and she was glad to have me home.

I said well its about time I was back home!!!!