Grey Ghost's Page

This little silver tiger is our Grey Ghost. She was born sometime in May, 1997. She is also our most successful rescue to date. Ghost started her life as a kitten born to a wild/feral mother, who is part of the colony/group of cats that Bob, Kathy and other members of Bob's family take care of.

Ghost's rescue story started in September of 1997. The family had known that several of the cats in the colony had kittens, and we were trying to count how many kittens had been born that summer. We also knew that the kittens were kind of living/playing in one of the old garages/storage sheds that are located on the property. Unfortunately, the shed the kittens were using had to be sealed/locked up in order to store more valuable equipment. The owner (who also helps feed the cats) thought he had gotten all of the cats and kittens out of the shed, and sealed it up, meaning no more cats could come and go from the shed. After a few days, we started to grow suspicious that there was still a cat in the shed. We put food in the shed, and hours later the food would be gone, but we couldn't find the cat when we searched the shed.

We came to the conclusion that the only way to remove the cat from the shed would be to trap it. After much debate, we borrowed a "Have a Heart" trap from the SPCA, set it up, and hoped for the best. Bob and Kathy were surprised a few hours later when Bob's sister called and said there was a cat in the trap and what do we do now? Obviously we hadn't thought this plan through completely. After a few frantic phone calls, we made arrangements with our regular vet to both spay and house the kitten until we could figure out what to do.

As a side note, the family had talked back and forth several times about trying to trap and spay/neuter these cats. However, every time we looked into it, the costs (over $100 per cat) were prohibitive. In a stroke of luck, after we caught Ghost, Kathy happened upon a no-kill animal shelter who would take the feral kittens, tame them and find homes for them. The shelter also worked with a vet who specialized in neutering feral cats at his cost. We caught the rest of the kittens (5) for the shelter, and managed to catch all of the adult cats for neutering, vaccinations and release back to their territory. Now back to Ghost's story.

Having been the first kitten to be caught worked out well for Ghost. She ended up in a private room in the vets boarding facility, and specialized care. However, her future was still uncertain. Bob and Kathy were thinking about adopting her, but weren't sure they could take another cat in. However, cuteness prevailed. After being spayed, Ghost was set up in a quarantine room in Bob and Kathy's house.

Ghost spent the next two days hiding in different parts of her room. At one point Bob and Kathy thought she had disappeared completely and tore the entire room apart looking for her. Hence the name "Ghost". Eventually she figured out that Bob and Kathy weren't so bad and started "popping out" to see them. She also discovered the joys of shoe strings, balls and other toys.

The next challenge for Ghost was to move out of quarantine and into the rest of the house. That also meant meeting Tia, Billie Jo and Ashley. Discovering the rest of the house wasn't too much of a problem for Ghost. However, meeting the other cats wasn't as easy. Ghost was used to being around other cats, and had come to expect some of the other mother cats to help take care of her. She thought all she had to do was to go up to these new house cats to meet them and they would take care of her. However, to Tia, Billie, and Ashley, she was merely an intruder, a bold intruder that didn't follow their indoor, housecat rules. She was way too bold, running right up to the older cats, and not backing down or staring away from them when they hissed at her. She also played incredibly rough, taking toys away from the older cats and hording Billie and Ashley's favorite toys. It was touch and go at first.

Fortunately, in the next few weeks, all the cats have settled in and adjusted to each other. Ghost is still pretty aggressive with the toys, and she plays a mean game of fetch, often wearing Bob and Kathy out before she tires. She also still gorges herself on food, leading to the nickname "ButterBall". However, we feel this is do to the fact that until she came to live with us at 4 months, her food supply was not exactly stable. We still expect her to grow into a beautiful, loving tabby.

Ghost's Story: I Saved the House From a Killer Rabbit

Although I have only lived here a short while, I have already proved my worth to Kathy and Bob. Just the other day, I saved the house from this huge floppy eared rabbit. Here's what happened. Kathy actually employs this huge floppy eared bunny to help her control the big 'ole vacuum cleaner when she's not using it. (Which is seldom by the way) Anyway, she puts this bunny's dress over the vacuum cleaner to keep it quiet.

The other day Kathy took the bunny off the vacuum cleaner to use it. She propped the bunny up on the couch to supervise her work. (As if having 4 cats to supervise her wasn't enough). Anyway, later on that day, Ashley and I were playing, chasing each other through the room. I got carried away and ran across the bunny, and it fell on me and tried to wrap me up in its folds. Can you believe it? An innocent kitty like me eaten by a bunny. Well I sprang into action. I yelled "Ashley! Save yourself!" Then I started wrestling with the bunny for all I was worth. That bunny put up a pretty good fight!!! But finally, I thought I had her. I went to jump off of her and declare victory, but the bunny was persistent!! When I went to run away, she grabbed hold of my collar, and wouldn't let go!! That started the wrestling all over again on the floor. Finally, I managed to stuff the bunny under the treadmill and pulled free of its vicious grasp on my collar.

When Kathy came in a saw the results of the carnage I had been through, she just shook her head and put the bunny back on the couch, with no appreciation of what I went through. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't stopped that bunny? I'll probably have nightmares of big floppy eared bunnies for weeks.