Tommy's Page

This handsome fellow arrived at Rude Ranch with quite a history, most of which was described in our Adventures in Rescue. He also is featured in an additional story of how he earned himself a trip to the Emergency Vet. To summarize, Tommy arrived during the summer of 2000, He was sendt to us through another group that found him on Andrew's Air Force Base. Right off the bat we figured he had killed a few brain cells inhaling jet fumes.

Once at the ranch, Tommy went on to amuse us with his stunts and antics. He thought the vacuum cleaner was fun to play chicken with. He also thought Bruno (aka the "big dog") made a great scratching post. Tommy even did a TV spot to promote the shelter. The second the light on the camera came on, he turned it on. He started strutting and posing. Tommy also started going to cat shows, demonstrating walking on a harness. He did a brief stint as a kitty condo domonstrator cat. (We were set up next to the kitty condos and Tommy jumped up on one and fell asleep, but he looked good doing it. Tommy also had the unique ability to go into the middle of a crowd, find the one person eating a roast beef sandwich, and steal the meat out of the sandwich.

In wasn't long before the people that train the cats for the Friskies cat food commercials noticed him. Actually, he bit one of the trainers during his interview. He had potential, but they didn't need him right now. Tommy now had a new mission in life: he would earn a living and support the shelter.

Since his brush with stardom and becoming number 11, Tommy has developed a reputation.... opened bags of food, stealing ice cream, starting fights, shredding toilet paper and knocking out window screens.. basically if there is a way to get into trouble, Tommy will find it. If Tommy were human, he would be the tough punk that you dread seeing move in next door.

Despite his innate ability to find and cause trouble, Tommy has made life here much more interesting. In honor (spite?) of his propensity for trouble, Tommy has his own FaceBook page:, where he discusses his view of the world.