March, 2004 - September, 2006

Queenie was one of 7 kittens born in a horse barn at a local race horse training track. Her complete story is here. Of the seven kittens, Queenie was the one with the most eye damage, the hip that would not stay in its place, and the sickest with pnemonia. Despite all her problems, she was always the first one to climb up on top of any visitor in her room. It didn't take long for Rude Ranch Executive Director Bob to take a special liking to this little spitfire.

As she grew, it was quite obvious that Queenie's sight was going to be quite limited at best. However, that did not slow her down from following other people, cats, dogs and toys one bit. She soon discovered vertical surfaces and soon was going up the shelter's kitty condos and climbing poles as fast or faster than the sighted cats. Her navigational skills became so fine tuned she often fooled vets and vet students into thinking she could see. (However, usually they believed us after she would walk into a wall.

September, 2006: Unfortunately, Queenie had many of the same heart defects that affected her brother Secretariat. Her chest started to fill with fluid as her heart failed. She will always be remembered for her spirit and fearlessness as she ran through the shelter.