1993 - October, 2011

Introducing Ceasar, the newest member of the Rude Ranch. Ceasar came to live with us in much the same manner as our other dogs: he was running around a parking lot. After locating and delivering him to his owners, (who said he frequently ran away) he kept coming back. Bob and Kathy figured that eventually something bad would happen to this very friendly dog, and were thinking about adopting another dog as a pal for Bruno anyway. So, the next time Ceasar showed up, they kept him.

At first Ceasar wasn't sure what to make of the Rude Ranch. There were all of these cats and kittens running around, which Ceasar felt was his personal responsibility to groom. (Most of the cats weren't too keen on this) Then there was Boomer and Bruno. Boomer viewed Ceasar as an integral threat to his food supply while Bruno was glad to finally have a wrestling buddy. After Bruno knocked him over the first couple of times, Ceasar caught on to the game and learned a lot of "spin" moves to avoid the "brunt" of a Bruno takedown.

Ceasar has also learned that its not his job to groom the cats inside the house. (He had a few lessons on this from Tia and Billie Jo.) He has also learned that he must be careful when jumping up on the bed in the middle of the night --- landing in the middle of 5 sleeping cats and sending them off in all directions does not put Kathy and Bob in a very good mood, especially at 3 am. However, Ceasar still insists on grooming any and all kittens that happen to pass by. He is especially partial to orange kittens. Anytime we see a sopping wet kitten passing by in the house we know Ceasar has been at work.

Ceasar's Story: Protecting the Yard

Hi! I'm Ceasar. Bob and Kathy think I am more of a herding dog, but actually I am an explorer at heart. That's why I kept leaving the other people. They were boring. Anyway, I end up traveling to this new place and move in with Boomer and Bruno. Turns out Bruno wants to play all the time. I wasn't aware of this until he ran into me at full speed talk about seeing stars! I finally learned that as fast as he is, Bruno can't corner at high speeds, so I just have to make a sharp turn and he runs right by me. He ran right into Kathy's car last week. (Don't worry, we think the car will be ok). Boomer, the litter guy is ok, every time Bruno and I wrestle, he bites my tail. I think he just is trying to prove he thinks he's in charge.

Anyway, after a few days I decided it was time to explore my new digs. Bob and Kathy had put this collar thingy on me, but I figured that was just to prove I was legal. Anyway Bruno had told me not to go past this one point by the big tree. I figured he's just a pup, what does he know? Boomer said not to even go in the backyard, but he's a wimp. So I started out for the tree. Nothing happened. I went a little further and everything was ok. Then I heard this beeping sound that was annoying, but I persisted and went a little further. All of a sudden, something stung me! I didn't know what it was so to be on the safe side I barked at it. It kept stinging me. I ran back to the house to tell Kathy and Bob about this intruder that stung me. On the way I passed Bruno, he just sat there shaking his head.

Bob and Kathy didn't seem too impressed with my report about the mysterious stinging intruder. They just said "Ceasar zapped himself on the fence" scratched my ears and went in the house. But what about the stinging intruder? I figured I was on my own to deal with it. I went back and this time as soon as I heard the intruder beeping I started barking and growling at it. I really gave this intruder a piece of my mind. ( Bruno says I gave the intruder a bit too much of my mind and now there's nothing left.) When I finished, the intruder must have understood because although it still stung me when I went real close, it didn't come any closer to me. I can live with that.