Meet Bunny, Rude Ranch's Second miniature pinscher and all round ball of hyper activity. Whatever Bunny does, whether its getting from point A to B, eating, or even sleeping, she does it at full speed.

Bunny arrived at Rude Ranch in the fall of 2006. Boomer, Rude Ranch's other min pin and star events/fundraising dog was getting older and didn't have the energy for the trips in and out of government buildings every day. A gentleman in Fairfax VA who had been breeding min pins had recently suffered three strokes. While he was recovering, the dogs were breeding on their own. As a result, 60 dogs were now living in a 3 bedroom house. Although people came by and put food down for the dogs, the bigger stronger dogs got the food while the less aggressive ones went hungry.

Eventually the gentleman realized he couldn't care for the dogs and released them to rescues. Bunny and several other dogs came to Rude Ranch to find homes. The transfer was quite fortunate for the dogs... the week afterwards his house burned down.

Upon arrival, Bunny, who had never really been around people didn't know what to make of Rude Ranch... She was convinced she had to come inside the house to poop. She didn’t just get in the trash; she burrowed in it, rolled in it and then ate it. She was afraid of everyone. We had to chase her around the house before we could take her for a walk. She acted like she had never been on a leash before. She stole food from people, cats, even the other dogs. At least she was an equal opportunity thief. She would climb shelves to get to the food. She even climbed to the top of a cat tree to get a plate of food. At one point we thought she was part mountain goat. Despite her tendency to steal food she got along great with the other dogs and was very protective of "her" cats. She would even face off with 100 pound Bruno if she thought he was getting too rough with them.

Since her arrival several years ago, Bunny has settled into Rude Ranch routine. She still does everything at about 98 miles an hour, and will always be a major bed hog. But she loves everybody and makes sure that all are welcomed.