Buffy's Page

This is Buffy, the youngest member of the Rude Ranch family and an expert feather killer. Buffy found her way to the Rude Ranch in much the same way as most of our other pets she was rescued. Buffy started out as one of a litter of four kittens that were born somewhere in Baltimore City, Md around the beginning of December, 1999. Although the kittens had started out in someone's home. They had been thrown out of the house to survive on their own. Buffy was the first of the kittens caught. (Her sisters, Faith and Charity have also been caught while efforts are underway to catch the fourth kitten, Hope) She was promptly taken to the vet for blood tests, vaccinations and spaying. She was then to be relayed to the Rude Ranch as a foster kitten.

Apparently Buffy had a couple of adventures on her way to us. The couple that picked her up from the vet were getting ready to move her to another car when the carrier she was in fell apart. She led the couple on a merry chase through the entire neighborhood. Buffy eventually made her way to the ranch where everyone who met her fell in love with her. After about 5 minutes of debating, Bob and Kathy decided to make her cat #10 at the ranch.

Buffy settled into life at the Rude Ranch quickly. She quickly learned the "Bed mouse" game and its corrallary, "Pounce on the Dog" from her brother Goldie. She also picked up excellent feather chasing techniques from Bones. Ghost also resumed her role as "chief kitten sitter". Tia quickly explained who was in charge and Buffy seemed ok with that, although we still think her and Ghost are secretly plotting to overthrow the world.