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The Front Door

Welcome to Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, a no kill animal sanctuary. This sanctuary was created and exists to aid, rehabilitate and rehome abused and abandoned animals that would otherwise be euthanized. Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, Inc. is a Maryland Registered, 501(c)3 not for profit charity.

Originally started in 1997, the property that currently houses the sanctuary was purchased in 1999. The house itself was built in 1995, and originally was used as a Hari Krishna temple. The design of the original house was augmented to facilitate the needs of the shelter. The main floor houses the administrative, storage and conference areas, while the lower floor is open to the public. There are three rooms for special needs cats on the upper floor.

Although many projects here at the shelter are an on-going endeavour, all major construction projects are complete, including our latest project, converting all rain gutters to drain into rainbarrels to reduce runoff.