Sponsor A Long Term Resident

Help Rude Ranch Take Care of the Animals No One Wants!

Rude Ranch Animal Rescue strives to find a home for every animal placed under our care. Unfortunately, because of past abuse, physical deformities or other physical and medical problems, some of these animals will never find a home. However, Rude Ranch firmly believes that these animals still deserve to live out the rest of their natural life span.

Your donation of $20 a month, only 67 cents a day, will supply food, litter and toys for one of these cats. When you sponsor one of the cats below, in addition to the gratitude of the Rude Ranch board members and volunteers we will send you pictures and a biography of the cat you choose. We will also proudly display your sponsorship here.

All sponsorships are tax-deductible and much appreciated.

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Feral and Abused Cats: Many of these cats were brought to Rude Ranch from city parks and alleys where they have been shot at, chased and tortured.

Special Medical Needs Cats: Many of these cats would love to have a home of their own. However, due to physical injuries or illness, they either require special accomodations or medicine.

Thanks for your support!