Our Happily Ever After Adventures....

Or Something Like That

December, 2002

Bob and the Great Goat Rescue

Bob had been fighting a cold and sinus infection for some time. He was getting tired of being sick. I was getting tired of him being sick. This meant one thing: he had to go to the doctor. Getting Bob to go to a doctor is like trying to keep a cat out of a room he shouldn't be in. The harder you try to keep the cat out (or get Bob to a doctor) the more determined he will be to do the opposite. I think its a guy thing. Anyway, I finally took matters into my own hands and made him a 10:15 appointment the next day.

On the day of the appointment, Bob arranged to meet his parents for breakfast a block away from the doctor's office. I figured at least his mom would badger him into going to the appointment. Bob took a back road to get to the restaurant... the one that has the really creepy, wooden one lane bridge over the river. Only problem was, when Bob got to the bridge, traffic was stopped on both sides of the bridge. There were people standing around outside thier cars, talking on cell phones. Turns out there was a goat standing in the middle of the bridge. The goat was afraid to move and the people were afraid of the goat. Bob walked up to check things out. (When you have a sign that says "animal rescue" on the side of the car, you have to deal with these things) Bob decides to approach the goat to see what is going on. People are freaking out, saying the goat was wild and would gore him. The goat was wearing a collar, which isn't usually a fashion accessory worn by wild animals. Once he got to the goat he found the problem was that the goat's hooves were going through the slats of the bridge, so the goat couldn't move. That meant Bob had to carry the 150 pound goat off the bridge. (Did I mention it was pouring down rain and Bob and the goat were quite wet by now?) It also would have been more helpful if Bob had turned around and gone back to the side of the bridge where the car was. Now he had to schlepp his new friend back over the bridge.