Bob and Kathy's Adventures with Feral Cats

The 1999 Edition, Pt IV

January 18, 2000

Hello Everyone,

Happy Y2K Everyone!!!
Welcome once again to another heart stopping chapter of our animal rescue saga. At the end of our last report. Kathy and Bob had recently taken custody of 5 feral kittens from a cat colony in Laurel. While many people doubted our sanity for taking in so many cats, (I know, what else is new) We thought we could tame them pretty easily. We had also just taken in an 85 pound dog that is a mixture of chow, st bernard and something else. (At this point Bob and I were doubting our sanity for this one). Here's what's happened since then.

Coally and Scully were adopted by a couple that Bob and I work with. They have been renamed Trinket and Daytura. Although we now had a Mulder and no Scully, we were happy to find a good home for our kittens.

Soon after Trinket and Daytura left the nest, Sweetness came on the scene. Sweetness came from the same feral colony as Mulder, Taz, and Fraidi. Turns out Sweetness was the official queen of the colony. She also expected to rule our house with an iron paw. After a while, Bob and I came around to her way of thinking.

Her Royal Highness, Miss Sweetness

In early December we ran into a problem with one of our adoptions. AC, the mother cat from this past summer was returned to us. She and Jasmin were adopted together a few months earlier. Although Jasmin fit right in to the new household, AC didn't get along with the other cat and was stating her opinion all over the house.

By now, Gunny was tame enough to be certified as lap fungus. We did an "exchange" of AC for Gunny. Although she was very nervous at first, Gunny has settled into her new home with Jasmin and her older brother Saber.

By now it was getting very close to Christmas, which usually means Christmas decorations, mainly Christmas trees. Bob and I carefully thought about the tradition of carefully putting up the tree, reminiscing about the different ornaments at they are carefully hung on the tree. Then we took stock in our environment: 9 cats, most of whom view Christmas ornaments as an integral part most kitty soccer games, one min pin (read bull in china shop), and one large dog who has trouble stopping when running at full tilt. Plus we still weren't sure where the Christmas deorations were. (Hey we still haven't finished unpacking yet) We decided to forego the tree this year. We'll just put antlers on Bruno.

Fraidi cat was adopted from the Save A Life animal shelter the week before Christmas. The gentleman who adopted her (and another kitten to keep her company) came with his mom. When his mom called earlier in the day she said she was calling for her son who wanted a cat. We said that they both must come in in order to adopt. She didn't tell us that her son was 41 years old.

Right after the New Year (and the Y2K non-event), Precious came to us by way of a co-worker. At 8 months, she had never had any shots or tests for feline diseases. She promptly went into quarantine in the 4th bedroom. The next morning I went to check on her. I opened the door, expecting a kitten to come running up to me. Except there was no kitten. After doing the required mental capacity checks, I was still sure that Precious should be in the bedroom. I finally found her, curled up, sound asleep in the curtains. Precious found a home with a family from Annapolis two weeks later.

A few days later we got a call from our nieghbor... there was a dog that on the "living" on the side of the road. Apparently the dog had been "dumped" and was waiting patiently for her owners to return. The problem was that she was "waiting" about a foot off of the road. Bob was able to catch her, after laying on the ground talking to her for two hours. The only problem was that he spent the time laying on top of some dead carcass -- at least he hoped it was dead.

The dog, which we named Sheba was a one year old white german shephard. Unfortunately, we are not set up to take in dogs. We took her to the Lucky Ones Animal Shelter. The shelter quickly found a home for her.

The last waif we took in was Midnight. Midnight came to us by way of the Save a Life shelter. Someone had dropped him off to be "snipped" and never came back. Oh by the way, Midnight was half feral. Everyone at the shelter was afraid of him. Could Bob and I help him?

The rest is history....