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Adoption Application

Directions: Once you select a cat that you would like to adopt, print the form below using your browser's print button. Fill out the form (remember to write down the cats name!) and bring it to the shelter during our regular adoption hours for review. Our regular adoption hours are Saturdays (except holidays) Noon - 3:00 pm. Some of the cats listed on our adoption page are cared for in foster homes. We recommend calling the shelter ahead of time so we can arrange for the cat you are interested in to be at the shelter.

If you have any questions about our adoption process give us a call at (410)798-9559 or E-mail us at:

Cat's Name: _________________

Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, Inc.
Harwood, Md 20776
fax: 410.798.9568

Name _________________________________________________________ Email __________

Phone (H) ____________________________ (W) _________________________________

Street __________________________________ City __________________ Zip ____________
Do you ___ Rent or ___ Own ___ House ___ Townhouse ___Apartment ___ Mobile Home ___Farm
Landlord's name and phone number _________________________ Are pets allowed? Yes No

Your occupation/source of income _________________________________________________

Employer/Address ______________________________________________________________

For whom do you want a cat? ______________________ Why? __________________________
How long do you intend to keep the cat? _____________________________________________
How many adults in your household? ___________ Children? __________ Ages____________
Does anyone in your household have allergies? Yes No

Cat/Dog/                Declawed           Age           Spayed/           Last           Goes           Time
Other (specify)                                                 Neutered      Vaccinated    Outdoors      Owned

________________    Yes    No      ______    Yes    No      _________    Yes    No    _____

________________    Yes    No      ______    Yes    No      _________    Yes    No    _____

________________    Yes    No      ______    Yes    No      _________    Yes    No    _____

PETS OWNED IN THE PAST (no longer in your household):
Cat/Dog/            Declawed         Age        Spayed/            Went                Time        Why no longer
Other/specify                                            Neutered        Outdoors          Owned        With You

_______________ Yes    No    _______    Yes    No      Yes    No    ________   ______________

_______________ Yes    No    _______    Yes    No      Yes    No    ________   ______________

_______________ Yes    No    _______    Yes    No      Yes    No    ________   ______________

Name, address, and phone number of your veterinary hospital ____________________________
Will you let the cat outside?    Yes    No      If yes, supervised?      Yes      No
Do you intend to declaw the cat?      Yes    No        Do you intend to spay/neuter the cat?      Yes      No
Are you willing and able to take the cat to a vet for annual vaccinations and exam?      Yes      No
Are you willing and able to pay for any tests/treatments/surgery/emergency care the cat may need?      Yes      No
If the cat had to be on a prescription diet, and/or needed daily medication, would you be willing and able to
bear the added expense and time required to obtain the food and /or give the medication?      Yes      No
How long have you been at your present address? ________________________
Are you planning to move in the next six months?      Yes      No
What would you do with the cat if you moved? _________________________________
How frequently do you travel, either for business or pleasure? _____________________
Who will care for the cat when you travel, or in case of emergency requiring your extended absence? _______________________________________________________________
Your work schedule (days and hours) _________________________________
Are any adults at home during the work day?      Yes      No
Who will be responsible for feeding/watering the cat?     ________________
Cleaning litter box?______________
If your family unit changed (Marriage, divorce, new baby), would you keep the cat?      Yes      No
Under what circumstances would you need/want to give up a pet?__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
What type of cat are you looking for?

1.      Adult      Kitten      Either        4.      With Claws      Declawed
2.      Male      Female     Either        5.      Short-hair         Long-hair
3.      Indoor    Outdoor    Both         6.      Companion for me/us      Companion for another pet

Please describe any particular characteristics you are looking for in a cat
Where will the cat stay during the day? _________________________________________________________
Where will the cat sleep at night? ______________________________________________________________
Where will the cat eat? __________________________________________
Where will you keep the litter box? ________________________________
If the cat gets lost, what steps would you take to find it? ____________________________________________
What will you do if you new cat doesn't get along with your current pet(s)?
Your cat may take two months or more to adjust to its new home. Are you willing to allow this much time for the adjustment?
   Yes    No    If no, why not?
Will you allow Rude Ranch Animal Rescue representatives to conduct pre- and/or post-adoption home visits? Yes No
How did you hear about Rude Ranch Animal Rescue?


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